Digital CYG
Changyuan Technology Group Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Changyuan Group, stock code: 525006.ZH) was founded in 1986,specializing in R&D, manufacturing and service of intelligent digitalization of industrial and power systems.
Changyuan Technology Group adheres to the mission of "helping global manufacturing become smarter and more efficient, and promoting safer and more convenient energy utilization", and is committed to providing high-quality products, services and solutions to global customers.
High-tech enterprises
Granted patents
More than 4,000 R&D personnel
More than 7600 employees
Focus on intelligent digitalization of industrial and power systems

Smart grid and energy technology

Cover all fields from power generation, transmission, substation,distribution to electricity consumption. The company has achieved significant advantages in the trend of international integration of smart grid solutions

Smart devices

Mainly including test systems and automation equipment and other product series, provide comprehensive solutions for consumer electronics, semiconductors, automobiles, new energy, clothing, medical, lighting and other industries

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